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My name is Sylwia Nagasawa and SNAGASAWA Crafts is a family run craft and gift business.

Craft making and gift giving are important part of Japanese culture. Having a strong

connection with Japan in my family, I decided to build a business which promotes

the idea of creating something from the heart and gifting it to a loved ones as a

token of appreciation.


Through our business I would like to help people of all levels of crafting skills who are

interested in making items that are not only beautiful but also useful.


The mission of SNAGASAWA Crafts is to inspire and encourage people to discover and

cultivate their creative skills. I would like our customers to enjoy the process of learning

how to make beautiful items that can be gifted or treasured.


To achieve this mission, our business provides carefully designed ready DIY kits which include easy to follow instructions even for complete beginners. We also offer range of other crafting products such as fabrics, threads and embroidery tools.

In our business we are committed to follow the Japanese methodological and philosophical principle kaizen, which leads to continuous improvement through small changes.
We strive to be the best in our sector by continuously improving and developing all areas of our business. We believe in kindness, respect, and honesty not only in the business but also in day-to-day life. We also hold on to our 3H core values; Happiness, Helpfulness and Humbleness. 

As a person, I am very environmentally conscious. I would like to share with  my customers, and wider audience, tips and ideas how to make sustainable  crafts; re-using and recycling everyday items to reduce our waste and negative impact on the environment. 


Here at SNAGASAWA Crafts we are kind-hearted people who love nature,                                                                                   and we find it very inspirational.

We, as a business unit, wish to express our appreciation of nature;

by planting trees. Hence, for every monthly subscriber we have, we will                                                                                        donate £1 each month to the tree planting scheme at the Woodland Trust.

Image by Kate Hliznitsova
Sun through the Branches


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