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Beautiful Japanese woven taupe 100% cotton fabric. 

This fabric is hand-dyed in Azumino district in Japan, hens the fabrics name Azumino Momem, where  'momen' means cotton.  It is prodused with traditional methods in a small batches and it is  hand-dyed in a low tempriture vat to create beautiful natural colours. Before dying this fabric goes through a special process that gives it a natural slight wrinkle finish. This distinctive crincle texture stays in the fabric even after washing.  Azumino Momem feels like  a thicker but soft handwoven cotton and is  ideal for sashiko or boro stitching due to its loose weaving. It is also great for  patchworking, quilts, embroidery, garments making or othe projects where an natural and organic look is desired.



Azumino Momen 29 Black (Kuro) Japanese Sashiko Fabric

  • Sold in bolts - 5 metre lengths.

    Product by Olympus Thread Mfg. Co, made in Japan.

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