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Blackwork is a form of counted-thread embroidery, where the warp and weft yarns of a fabric are counted for the length of each stitch, producing uniform-length stitches and a precise pattern on an even-weave fabric.  Most commonly, it is worked in black thread but other colours are used on occasion.  


If you would like to learn blackwrok then this beautiful brooch DIY kit is a great starting project. 

Blackwork Sakura Brooch DIY Kit #1

  • This brooch kit includes: 

    • Piece of cotton cloth 
    • Cotton threads 
    • Wooden base brooch 
    • Metal button with bottom cover 
    • Needle
    • Self-adhesive felt circle  
    • Double-sided self-adhesive tape circle
    • Step by step instructions with  pattern


    Brooch is approx. 3.5 cm in diameter. 


    You can wear it as an ornamental feature of your garment or make it as a special 'I made it' gift.

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