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With this set, you can easily make traditional Japanese kaga thimble called "Kaga Yubinuki". This is two-colour design that is easy for beginners and the finished product is really beautiful. With this kit you can also make additional 8 mini thimbles. Choice of red or blue version.


Product made in Japan.

Kaga Thimble (Yubinuki) Kit 1 (Seigaiha)

Color: Red
  • Kit contents:

    Orizuru silk 40m card 2 colours
    1 base for thimble,
    1 bag of floss
    ・Japanese paper (10mm x 250mm) 1 sheet
    ・Base cardboard (11mm x 380mm) 2 sheets 

    ・ Bias tape (28mm x 80mm) 2 sheets ) 1 sheet

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