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New beautiful sashiko Lame threads are now in stock! They will add some sparkle to your projects. In addition some new beautiful colours of Awai-iro threads and sashiko 100m threads are also in stock. Check out these newcomers! 


Beautiful woven Sakizome Momen fabrics in stock now. "Sakizome Momen" means in Japanese language 'yarn dyed cotton fabric'. The method of yarn dyed takes a lot of time and efforts, but the effect is really beautiful. Whether you are quilter, embroiderer, an artist or simply love sewing and patchwork, create your projects with these lovely taupe fabrics.



Sashiko threads Awai-iro.jpg

NEW colours of Awai-iro sashiko threads will be in stock soon. These new threads are coming in 5 additional beautiful pastel colours. Each skein is approx. 40m.

These threads feel slightly smoother and thinner than the non-mercerised 20m sashiko threads.  They are suitable for all your sashiko and boro stitching and also may be used as double or single strand.

Ideal for  printed sashiko panels and other projects.


Check out our new 'I made it' collection of beautiful embroidered jewellery and other accessories DIY gift kits. Enjoy Japanese culture through making beautiful and useful items with simple stitches. Just pick your favourite pattern and start stitching! You can wear it as a lovely piece of jewellery or make it as a special    'I made it' gift.

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What is needle minder?

Needle minders are simple and very useful embroidery tools with a magnet on the back. Sometimes they are also called a needle nanny and their job is to mind your needle when you're not stitching or changing thread.


We invite you to have a look at our beautiful range of Needle Minders. A simple tools that will definitely make your stitching easier and more organized. 


SASHIKO - means literally “little stabs” and it is a type of Japanese embroidery that traditionally was used for the functional and decorative (to repair worn places or tears with patches) reinforcement of clothes. Today this running stitching technique  is used  is often used for purely decorative purposes. Traditionally sashiko had a distinctive appearance of white-on-blue (indigo) embroidery but currently different colour of threads and fabrics are being used. 

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