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Product made in Japan.

No. 19 Orizuru Silk Hand Sewing Thread

  • Thread length: 40m

    Thickness: No. 9


    The Orizuru brand inherits Japanese tradition, but it also represents the country’s highest quality product. Orizuru hand sewing threads are made of high-quality 100% silk, and they are characterized by a beautiful gloss and elegance.  Orizuru silk threads have been used to make Kaga Yubinuki (Kaga thimbles) and general Japanese tailoring for decades. They are recommended by many artisans across Japan. They are loved by a wide range of people, from the general public to sewing professionals such as Yubinuki artist Yukiko Onishi for their vivid colours, beautiful lustre and texture. Our range of Orizuru silk hand sewing threads comes in many beautiful colour variations. You can buy them individually or as a set of 25 beautiful colours that come in elegant gift box.  This product can be also used for blind stitching and different hand embroidery projects.

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